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Tempest Strings Enterprises formed as a technical consulting group in late 2000.
We're based in the Washington DC metropolitan area, but maintain both domestic and international clients.

We design, implement, and successfully integrate custom systems. Our focus on open source tools and frameworks allows us to deliver enterprise quality software at very competitive price points to clients worldwide.

A few of our clients are identified by their logos below:

FINRA  Artemis  Chessiecap 
Marian  iDefense 
kajeet  NASD  Verisign 
Open Source Values:
Tempest Strings Enterprises transforms our expertise with various Open Source Software projects into top quality enterprise class business solutions tailored for your specific needs. This proposition allows us to deliver your solutions with inherent values:

- Established user and developer base - The open source community offers a pre-established user and developer base for the core design and function of your custom solution, allowing you to draw on this resource for both upgrades and support.

- Economies of software reuse - By building on an existing code base, your custom solution will require far less development time and effort resulting in substantial savings.

- Peer reviewed technical solutions - The design and implementation of your custom solution will have withstood the scrutiny of an extensive peer review, having been held up against community best practices.